I'm Kim,
founder of The Home Craft.

I spend my time making messes in the kitchen and putting experiments in tiny jars. 

Growing up I got pretty much every cold that I came in contact with. My immune system was constantly battling off something. At three years old, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, more than one actually. My main diagnosis is Scleroderma, with an occasional flare up of eczema. Thankfully, I have Linear Scleroderma, which mainly effects large portions of the skin on my legs, as opposed to Systemic Scleroderma, which goes beneath the skin and can cause hardening of internal tissues, including organs. I have seen doctors who are considered "experts" on scleroderma and all they have to offer are medications with side effects much worse then the disease itself. 

When I became pregnant with my first son I was working at a large internet company. I enjoyed my job and it's challenges, but when we realized we could afford for me to stay home, I welcomed the opportunity. I busied myself with learning how to make my home safe for my children and keeping us all as healthy as possible. It just so happened I was using out of date science and information that turned out to be worse for our health. 

When my oldest was two, he was diagnosed with eczema. He also suffered many digestive issues, had fine motor problems and looked to have Sensory Processing Disorder. My youngest started showing of sever gluten intolerance during this time as well. After much research I found the  Autoimmune Protocol and I joined both of my sons on this elimination diet that reset our systems with amazing results. I was able to reverse all of these through a real food diet and eliminating chemicals in our home. I learned so much about how our bodies work during this time and the HUGE impact diet + lifestyle have on our bodies. 

My experience working through my family's health issues were empowering.  After living most of my life basically listening to my doctors without question, I realized I am actually the one in charge of my health. I love sharing this information with others. I hope that The Home Craft can be a source of inspiration and empowerment for you!