Kitchen Tools

These tools save me so much time in the kitchen. When you are cooking from scratch and making batch meals every little bit helps! 

I own all of these products, have purchased them with my own money and use them regularly. I receive a portion of sales from anything you purchase using these links to help support The Home Craft.  

I use my Vitamix EVERY DAY. From smoothies, nut butter, chopped onions and carrots, even my favorite Pumpkin Spice Late. If I had to chose only one appliance to bring with me to my desert island kitchen it would be my Vitamix. The cleanup is so simple, just fill with some soap and water and blend on high for a few seconds.

My KitchenAid mixer was my first major kitchen appliance. It was actually a gift from my grandparents while I was still living in the dorms (even then I would cook most of my meals instead of eating out or at the cafeteria). That was over 20 years ago and it still works beautifully. When you are making big batches of dough, really nothing compares. Also, makes some pretty fantastic whipped cream in minutes with the whisk attachment. 

2 Hour Bone Broth. Do I need to say more? I went through 2 crock pots in 3 years making 24 hour bone broth once a week. Now for the cost of two crock pots I can make bone broth in an afternoon and it has the most wonderful gel and flavor. This is my new stand by for chili, brisket and even roast chicken.

As amazing as the Vitamix is, there are some things that you just need a food processor for. Grating 5 lbs of carrots? Shredding two heads of cabbage? Also, making your own date nut balls or bars is pretty near impossible without a food processor. Ours looks great even after 12 years of use. 

I consider the immersion blender to be a bit of luxury since I own a Vitamix, but a very reasonably priced luxury. The clean up is beyond simple and you don't need multiple containers for mixing and storage. 20 Second Mayo...done.

Have you read the label of your favorite ice cream recently? Most you find on the shelf these days are full of additives and preservatives and stuff I can't even pronounce. I love homemade ice cream. We know exactly what goes into what we are eating and can use delicious natural sweeteners. This ice cream maker is so incredibly easy to use and clean and makes wonderful creamy ice cream.