Fermented Rice Water Hair Rinse

1 Cup of Organic White Rice  

2 Cups of filtered water 

Rinse the rice and then pour into a glass bowl with the two cups of water and cover. Let sit overnight. Strain the rice pouring the water into a jar or bottle. If you do not plan to use right away you can refrigerate for a day or two (but let it come to room temperature if you don't want an extremely cold rinse!). Shampoo hair as usual and rinse. Pour rice water over hair and let sit for 3-4 minutes. If you have longer hair, use a separate cup and place the ends of your hair directly in the rice water. You can capture the rice water in the cup as you pour the water from the bottle  over your hair for complete coverage. Rinse hair with warm water and dry as usual. 

Strain Rice
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